West Bengal Task Force and RRRI of Women and Children

West Bengal Task Force & RRRI of Women & Children

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare

Govt. of West Bengal

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The Dept. of CD , WD & SW received the award of SKOCH Smart Governance Award for Prevention of Trafficking & RRRI of victims of Trafficking.
State Plan of Action on Prevention of Trafficking to be released in 2016.
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West Bengal Task Force
The West Bengal Task Force on RRRI was established in 2007 to facilitate and monitor the repatriation of Bangladeshi children lodged in shelter homes in West Bengal. Before the Task Force came into effect, there was no systematic process for the repatriation of Bangladeshi children lodged in shelter homes in West Bengal. Some would be repatriated by state, some by ngos and many were pushed back across the border without any formalities or safety precautions. There were several risks for children during push back like disassociation with family, exploitation by several touts and pimps etc.
During the period 2008 to 2013, the Directorate of Social Welfare and now the Directorate of Child Rights and Trafficking is functioning as the Secretariat of the Task Force, and under its aegis, Operational Guidelines on Rescue-Recovery-Safe Return and Integration of Bangladeshi Children was designed and implemented, and a database mechanism was created for the tracking of the repatriation of these children. This facilitated an increased coordination between organizations and departmental functionaries tasked with looking after these children within the state, as well as cooperation between agencies involved in their repatriation on both sides of the border.

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