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Govt. of West Bengal

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare


West Bengal Women Development Undertaking under the aegis of Department of Child Development, Women Development & Social Welfare has proposed to take up a new initiative for providing opportunities to the commercial sex workers and their children so that they can be engaged in alternative job assignment and lead an alternative life with dignity in the society. The children of Commercial Sex Workers are also very much vulnerable to the locality. This decision of introducing “SWAWLAMBAN SPECIAL” Scheme for the rehabilitation of Commercial Sex workers and their children, who are staying with their mother in the locality, was passed in the meeting of Board of Directors, WBWDU. This scheme was formulated keeping in mind that alternative source of income would inspire the Commercial Sex Worker to leave her profession and lead the life with dignity in better surroundings. Similarly, children of CSW living with their mothers in the locality may be imparted training through experienced NGOs in different trades so that the possibility of their entrance in the sex trade is minimised.