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Govt. of West Bengal

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare

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Department of Women Development & Social Welfare & Child Development

It is a globally accepted position that along with economic capital, governments need to build and sustain a strong foundation of human capital. To put it simply, the development of people has to be put at the heart of sustainable economic development, and the Department of Women Development and Social Welfare and Child Development is a key stakeholder in the government's broad strategy to combat poverty and promote sustainable and equitable development.

It must be pointed out that West Bengal's economic and developmental prospects are significantly better than they were at the turn of the century, when all efforts were centred on achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

It is true however, that poverty, illiteracy and unequal access to resources remain a major challenge for various groups of people in the state, and the Department is committed to providing social protection and security to those on the margins - the very young and the very old, those who are forced to live on the margins of society without community or family support.

In addition, a significant part of the Department's focus is on breaking the vicious cycles of deprivation, and the Department is making long-term social policy investments in infrastructure, services and schemes that increase people's access to basic services and reduce their vulnerability to economic downturns and social discrimination.

Today, as the global community moves towards the Sustainable Development Goals, the Department, in its role as nodal organization for several groups of people who have historically suffered from discrimination and deprivation, is investing in and supporting an environment in which all people, regardless of background, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability - can harness their energies and aspirations towards a better future.