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Govt. of West Bengal

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare

Vision and Mission statements for the Department of WCD&SW


An equitable, inclusive and improved society where all women, children and adolescents live with dignity in a safe and protective environment, free from violence and discrimination, contributing as partners in development with full realization of their rights for sustainable development


Formulating, executing and regulating provisions and policies aligned to practices of good governance to ensure the rights of women, children and adolescents by

  • developing a conducive socio-economic environment,
  • gender-mainstreaming,
  • sensitizing them on rights and entitlements
  • facilitating institutional and legislative support,
  • ensuring participation through strategic integration with all stakeholders in the fronts of health, education and social protection.

Developing and strengthening interventions for the excluded and neglected sections like senior citizens, widows, personswith disabilities, transgender, homeless and persons with substance abuse, enabling them to lead a life with opportunities.