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Govt. of West Bengal

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare

Directorate of Child Rights and Trafficking

Two new Directorates namely Directorate of ICDS and Directorate of Child Rights and Trafficking were created vide notification No. 305/SW/3E (Sectt)-06/15 dated the 20th January, 2015. The main mandate of the Directorate of Child Rights and Trafficking (DCRT) is monitoring and implementation of :

  • Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS), including all types of Children Homes under JJ Act
  • CWC, JJB, SARA etc under JJ Act
  • Cottage Scheme for Destitute Children
  • Implementation of :
    • Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015
    • Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
    • Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012
    • The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956

The newly constituted Directorate has played a leading role in strengthening ICPS structures in the State. ICPS is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme which was launched in 2009. This comprehensive scheme on child protection has brought about street children programme, institutional and non- institutional care under one umbrella. It focuses on convergence of services like health, education, vocational training rescue, rehabilitation and legal support provided by different line departments. The scheme is implemented through government- civil society partnership.

For effective implementation of the scheme, the State Child Protection Society (SCPS) has been constituted at the State level. The Minister in - Charge of Women and Child Development is the Chairperson and the Principal Secretary/Secretary of the Department is the Executive Chairperson. The officials of the Directorate also function in dual capacity i.e. the Director, Child Rights and Trafficking is also the Member Secretary of the SCPS and is overall in charge of the ICPS related activities in the State. The State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA) is a wing of SCPS and it regulates and monitors alternative care – sponsorship, adoption and foster care. The Program Manager, SARA is an officer from the Directorate.

A number of anti trafficking initiatives have been taken up. The Director of Child Rights and Trafficking is the Member Convenor of the West Bengal Task Force which was established in 2007 with the primary focus being the repatriation of Bangladeshi children, and has since evolved into the nodal body for coordination on RRRI of trafficked women and children within the state, interstate and cross border. Directorate of Child Rights and Trafficking is functioning as the Secretariat of the Task Force, and under its aegis, Operational Guidelines on Rescue-Recovery-Safe Return and Integration of Bangladeshi Children has been designed and being implemented. The Task Force also coordinates the restoration process viz. intra state internal, inter-state and cross border trafficking.

The Directorate and the State Child Protection Society have organised a no. of anti trafficking programmes including an Interstate workshop on Anti Trafficking in collaboration with Save the Children and Joyprakash Institute of Social Change on 2nd and 3rd Feb, 2016 in Kolkata. A workshop for IO investigating the trafficking cases in trafficking prone districts like North and South 24 Parganas along with IO’s from Maharashtra was organised on the 30-31st of August,2016.

Organogram of Directorate of Child Rights and Trafficking

ICPS Structure

  • State Child Protection Society (SCPS)
  • State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA)
  • District Child Protection Units (DCPU)
  • Statutory Bodies

    Child Welfare Committee (CWC)

    Guidelines for setting up of Child Welfare Committees (CWCs)

    • Location of CWC As provided under the JJ Act, 2000, the Child Welfare Committee should hold its sittings in the premises of a Children’s Home.
    • Space and Infrastructure
      • i) The newly constructed Children’s Homes shall have two rooms of 300 Sq. ft. each for the CWC. Where an existing Children’s Home has the required space available within the premises, the same shall be provided to the Committee. However, in districts where there is no Children’s Home or the existing Children’s Home has no space for the CWC, the ICPS will provide funds for constructing or renting suitable premises for the CWC.
      • ii) The Committee shall hold its sittings in one room and the other room should be used as a waiting room for children and families. The room where the CWC holds its sittings should be well equipped with necessary furniture and equipment, be well lit and have a child friendly environment. The waiting room should have provisions for drinking water and some indoor recreation facilities for children.

    Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) Contact List :

    S.no. District Name Designation Sitting place Contact No. email id.
    1 Alipurduar Sri Kanti Bhusan Mohanta Chairperson DM Office Compound, Alipurduar 9434028594 / 7797976032 dmapd.cwc@gmail.com
    Smt. Shipra Sarkar Bhattacharjee Members
    Sri Sanjib Dhar Members
    Smt. Shampa Paul (Das) Members
    Sri Ashim Bose Members
    2 Bankura Mr. Mohinoor Alam Chairperson Sumangalam Home for Boys , Bankura Ph- 03242- 202764 9434392872 mohinoor786@yahoo.in
    Apurba Mondal Members 9474184433
    Rakhohori Nayek Members 9933388873
    3 Birbhum Dr. Nityananda Ray Chairperson Asha Short Stay Home ,Malipara,Radhagobindo,Bus stand, Suri, Birbhum  9434706913 0342-256592
    Mr. Sukuruddin Sk. Members 9732605065
    Smt. Dipti Konar Members 9474877576
    Sri Saptam Bhattacharya Members 8972808208
    Sri Kuntal Chatterjee Members 9474632646
    4 Coochbehar Smt. Dora Bhattacharya Chairperson Sahid Bandana Smriti Balika Abas, Coochbehar 9476272216 03582-222352
    Nitai Chandra Sarkar Members 964761945
    5 Dakshin Dinajpur Sri Chiranjib Mitra Chairperson Suvayan Home, Dakshin Dinajpur,  9834187678 03522-255053
    Mr. Abdul Hatem Members 9635780786
    Smt. Maitree Chakrabarty Members 9609700174
    Sri Prabir Kr. Roy Members 9474160575
    Smt. Seuli sarkar Members 7031190168
    6 Darjeeling Smt. Sudeshna Thapa Chairperson District Child Protection Unit Office of the District Magistrate ChotaKakJhora, Hill Cart Road Darjeeling- 734101 9932874884 0354-2252197
    Sri Tapas Karmakar Members 9332351044
    Sri Mohanlal Jha Members 9749684615
    Smt. Sefali Goswami Members 9434494555
    Sri Debasish Chanda Members 9832028822
    7 Hooghly Sri Narayan Chandra Chakraborty Chairperson Children Home For Girls, Uttarpara  9433251793 033-26856998
    Sri Bhaskar Jyoti Ghosal  Members 8017884808
    Smt. Rashmoni Chatterjee Members 8902479936
    Sri Arun Kr. Sadhu Members 8902279747
    Smt. Sankari Acharya Chatterjee Members 923134609
    8 Howrah Smt. Amrita Ghosh Chairperson S.M.M. Home, Lilluah, Howrah 9330964028 033-26558872/26558776
    Smt. Pratima Das Agarwal Members 9748276847
    Sri Sumit Adhikari Members 9830613059
    Smt. Papia Chatterjee Members 9674519030
    Smt. Anamika Dalpati Members 9433801283
    9 Jalpaiguri Smt. Baby Upadhyay Chairperson Korok Children Home for Boys Race Course, Jalpaiguri 9832060891 03561-224007
    Sri Debasish Chakraborty Members 9933803920
    Dr. Manna Mukherjee Members 9433327262
    Sri Subodh Bhattacherjee Members 8900426468
    Smt. Rinku Bose Members 9641784406
    10 Kolkata Smt. Indrani Guha Barmha Chairperson All Bengal Women’s Union  89 Elliot Road,Kolkata- 700016,      9830200481 033-22293292/22299142
    Sri Amit Bhattacharjee Members 9836677310
    Smt. Indrani Banerjee Members 9433177203
    Smt. Tulsi Singha Roy Members 9830171383
    Smt. Jashomonti Sreemani Members 9830793793
    11 Malda Smt. Chaitali Ghosh Sarkar Chairperson Satya Chowdhury Indoor Stadium, Ist Floor, Bandh Road, Malda 9434105571 03512-220183
    Amita Tewari Members  
    Dr. Moazzem Hossain Members 9830092924
    Dr. Rashi Roy Members 9434054029
    Smt. Chaitali Jha Members 9474476400
    12 Murshidabad Smt. Shabnam Ramaswamy Chairperson Ananda Ashram, Baharampur, Murshidabad, 9434061413 0348-2222752
    Md. Benjir Kalam Members 9932889191
    Sri Ananda Das Members 9732817881
    Sk. Jamal Uddin Members 8944853153
    13 Nadia Smt. Rina Mukherjee Chairperson Children Home for Girls,Nadia 9434245006 0347-2252479
    Sri Pradip Banerjee Members 94740227858
    Smt. Maya Das Members 9233994096
    Smt. Nasim Banu Mondal Members 9732842229
    Smt. Anindita Ghosh Members 9051555354
    14 North 24 Parganas Sri Arobindo Dasgupta  Chairperson Kishalaya Home, K.N.C Road, Barasat, North 24 Parganas 9830450328 255-21353
    Smt. Dola Dey Mitra  Members 9674460252
    Sandip Chattopadhyay Members  
    Smt. Sriparna Roy Members  
    15 Purba Bardhaman Dr. Debasish Nag Chairperson 70 BL Hati Road, Dhaldighi, Radhanagar, Burdwan, PIN- 713101 7797678772 dassug@gmail.com
    Dr. Satyajit Dasgupta Members 9434673364
    Smt. Piyali Kar Members 9735132802
    Smt. Payel Hati(Dutta) Members 943420925
    Smt. Sonali Roy Members 8537047341
    16 Paschim Medinipur ----- Chairperson Vidya Sagar Balika Bhavan,  Gope, Paschim Medinipur   03222-262239/275239
    Smt. Asima Manna Members 9734862361
    ------ Members  
    Sri Sujit Ghosh Members 8158995019
    17 Purba Medinipur CWC Purba Medinipur is presently not functioning
    18 Purulia CWC Purulia not functioning by virtue of Stay Order Calcutta High Court (Ret. W.P. No.27375 (W) of 2015 Dtd.30.11.2015
    19 South 24 Paraganas Pratima Mondal Chairperson Sanlaap Sneha Home, Elachi, Narendrapur, South 24 Parganas 9883505987
    Sujit Kr. Ghosh Members 8158995019
    Kabita Bera Members 9933737061
    Anamika Mondal Members 9732670439
    20 Uttar Dinajpur Sri Asim Kr. Roy Chairperson Suryadaya Children Home for Deaf & Dumb Boys & Girls, Karnajora, Raiganj Uttar Dinajpur,  9434960991 03523252670
    Smt. Rinila Das Members 8900519747
    Sri Sankar Ch. Das Members 9593358729
    Sri Narayan Chandra Majumdar Members 9434076796

    Special Juvenile Police Units (SJPU) :

    As per JJ Act, Special Juvenile Police Units (SJPU) is to be set up in every districts and city to co- ordinate and upgrade the police interface with children. All the police officer, designated as child welfare officers (now known as Child Welfare Police officers) in the district/city are members of SJPU.

    State Details Chart

    Sl. No.   As on 01.04.2016
    i) Number of SJPU in the State 30
    ii) Number of Police Officers in the State Designated as Members of SJPUs 465
    iii) Number of Members of the SJPUs that have been provided induction training 228
    iv) Number of District in the State where SJPU have not been constituted Nil
    v) Number of District in the State where SJPU have not been constituted NA

    SJuvenile Justice Board (JJB) :

    The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 makes it mandatory to have one Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) in each district to deal with matters relating to juveniles in conflict with law. To facilitate setting up of a JJB in each district and to ensure their effective functioning, the scheme provides adequate infrastructure and financial support to the States/UTs.

    Guidelines for setting up of Juvenile Justice Boards (JJBs)

    • i) Location of JJB As provided by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000, a JJB should hold its sittings in the premises of an Observation Home.
    • ii) Space and Infrastructure The newly constructed Observation Homes shall have two rooms of 300 sq. ft. each for the JJB. The districts where Observation Home already exists, the required space for the JJB shall be made available within the premises. Where there are no Observation Homes, funding for rooms for the JJB have been made in the construction budget of the Observation Homes. The Board shall hold its sittings in one room and the other room should be used as a waiting room for children and families. The room where the Board holds its sittings should be equipped with necessary furniture and equipment should be well lit and have a child friendly environment. The waiting room should have provisions for drinking water and some indoor recreation facilities for children.

    Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) Contact List

    Sl. No District Name of Member Designation Sitting place Contact No. email id.
    1 Alipurduar ----- Principal Magistrate  DM Collectorate Office, Alipurduar P.O Alipurduar Court Pin- 736122    
    Smt Chhanda Adhikary Social Worker  9804157331
    Smt Rina Sarkar Social Worker  9679183633
    2 Bankura    
     Ms Sangita Banerjee Principal Magistrate  Collectorate Office Building ,Pin- 722101  03242-250697 jjbbankura@gmail.com
    Smt Kabita Goswami Social Worker  9475727562
    Sk. Mursalin Social Worker  9434439939
    3 Birbhum     
    Ms. Olivia Roy Principal Magistrate  Collectorate Complex, Suri Near Civil Defence Office,l , Birbhum-731101 ( CJM, Birbhum) 03426-255049  
    Smt. Saswati Saha  Social Worker  8900230514
    4 Coochbehar        Mr. Saurav Dey Principal Magistrate  Juvenile Court Building,Sagar Dighi Coochbihar ,Pin- 736101 03582-231887  
    Smt. Krishna Dutta Biswas Social Worker  9475834826
    Smt Parnasree Chatterjee Social Worker  9933636356
    5 Dakshin Dinajpur                                        
    Mr. Arif Ahmed Principal Magistrate  Suvayan Home, Dakshin Dinajpur, Pin- 733103 03522-255053 jjbddinajpur@gmail.com
    Smt. Anita Biswas Social Worker  9932991331
    Shri Ashok Kumar Mitra Social Worker  9832154972
    6 Darjeeling  Mr. Joideep Bhattacharya Principal Magistrate  Drukpa Kargyud Destitute Home, Darjeeling , Pin- 734101 0354-2258396  
    Smt. Anuradha Chhetri Social Worker  9832621740
    -------- Social Worker   
    7 Hooghly Ms. Sudipa Banerjee Principal Magistrate  Children Home for Girls 7, Rajmohan Road, Uttarpara, Hooghly  9836630377 jjbhooghly@gmail.com
     Smt.Manjula Deb Sarkar Social Worker  (Not attending JJB) 9831670086
    Shri Mrinmoy Majumdar Social Worker  9831019294
    8 Howrah  Ms.Juin Dutta Principal Magistrate  SMM Home, Liluah, Howrah,  033-26558872/26558776      howrahjjb@gmail.com          
    Smt Debarati Banerjee (Chatterjee) Social Worker  9831121955
    Shri Amit Sanyal Social Worker  9874069385
    9 Jalpaiguri Mr Girija Nanda Jana Principal Magistrate  Korok Children Home for boys, Race Course Para, Jalpaiguri   jjbjalpaiguri@gmail.com
    Smt. Arundhaty Roy Social Worker  8348697351
    Dr. Santanu Nandan Maitra Social Worker  9832421999
    10 Kolkata  Mr. Santanu Ganguly Principal Magistrate  45, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata- 700001, 033-22152167 jjbkol45@gmailcom
    Smt. Vasundhara Goswami Social Worker  9830118355
    ---------- Social Worker   
    11 Malda Ms. Sharmistha Ghosh Principal Magistrate  District Collectorate Building , Malda, Pin- 732101     jjbmalda@gmail.com
    Sri Amlan Bhaduri Social Worker  9434355444
    Smt. Sumala Agarwal Social Worker  9434193416
    12 Murshidabad  Ms. Khaleda Mannan Principal Magistrate    Kaji Nazrul Islam Children  Home, Baharampur,Murshidabad, Pin- 742101  9433975746  
    Smt Sonali Ghosh Social Worker  9475096138
    Ms. Sahanaz Begum Social Worker  9735236082
    13 Nadia Mr. Debashish Santra Principal Magistrate  Pankaj Acharaya Mahila Nibas 3rd lane Nagendranagar,Krishnagar, Nadia , Pin- 741101      jjb.nadia@gmail.com
    Smt Kajari Bhadar Social Worker  9903586735
    ------------- Social Worker   
    14 North 24 Parganas  Mr. Subrata Ghosh Principal Magistrate  Juvenile Court Building, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064    
    Smt. Soma Sinha Social Worker  9477129829
    15 Purba Bardhaman  Ms. Payel Banerjee Principal Magistrate  District Collectorate Office Campus Burdwan  713101  9433016031 jjbburdwan@gmail.com
    Smt. Lipika Ghosh Social Worker  9474602051
    Smt Stuti Devi Social Worker  9434143923
    16 Paschim Medinipur  Ms. Jayshree Dey Principal Magistrate  Vidyasagar Balika Bhawan, Gope, Paschim Medinipore, Pin- 721102 0322-262239/275239 jjbmidw@gmail.com
    Smt. Anshumati Nanda Social Worker   
    Smt. Manasi Das (Roy) Social Worker  9476107831
    17 Purba Medinipur 
    Ms. Tamali Ghosh Principal Magistrate  Vivekananda Lokshiksha Niketan,Contai , Purba Medinipur, Pin- 721636 03228-266201 jjbpurbamedinipur@gmail.com
    Smt. Mira Pradhan Social Worker  9734373102
    Shri Gouri Shankar Beskari Social Worker  9434623907
    18 Purulia  Mr. Subhodip Mitra Principal Magistrate  Anandamath Home for Girls, Simulia, Purulia, Pin- 723102 325222752  
    Smt Jharna Mukherjee Social Worker  9434883634
    ------- Social Worker   
    19 South 24 Parganas   Ms. Sreejita Chatterjee Principal Magistrate  279/3, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Road, Garia, Kolkata- 700047,opposite of  Sebangan Nursing Home , Pin 700047 98316619763  
    Smt. Mallika Samaddar Social Worker  9231236754
    Sri Swapan Kumar Roy Social Worker  9830943601
    20 Uttar Dinajpur Mr. Sourav Hazra Principal Magistrate  Collectorate Building, Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur, Pin- 733134   jjbudj@gmail.com
    Smt Rubi Acharjee Social Worker  9434424928
    Shri Prasenjit Roy Social Worker  9474437059
  • Child Protection Committees (CPC)


Institutional Care

  • Institutional Care
  • Home Management Committee (HMC) and Children's Committees (CC)
  • Anti-Trafficking Programme

Non-institutional Care

  • Adoption
  • Sponsorship
  • Foster Care
  • After Care


  • Cottage Scheme

Click here to Download Notification for State Level and District Level Inspection Committees

Click here to Download Notification for District Level Inspection Committee for Kolkata

Registration of CCIs

As per provisions of Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2015, all CCIs, whether run by a State Government or by voluntary or non-governmental organisations, which are meant, either wholly or partially, for housing children in need of care and protection or children in conflict with law, shall be registered under this Act regardless of whether they are receiving any government grants.

The institutions having valid registration under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 on the date of commencement of JJ (C & PC) Act, 2015, shall be deemed to have been registered under this Act.

  • Check List of Document Required for Registration
  • List of Registered Specialized Adoption Agencies (SAA)
  • List of Registered NGO Homes
  • List of Registered Government Run Homes

Our Events

Date Activities & Events View Details
02.01.2019 - 03.01.2019 Orientation cum Performance Review Meeting on Adoption, Sponsorship and SAA-CCI linkage
04.01.2019 State Level Orientation Programme facilitated by CARA
07.01.2019 to 12.01.2019 Training programme of counsellors
16.01.2019 Capacity building on issues related to CP
17.01.2019 Handholding support to Counsellors
12.12.2018 Interactive meet with Adoptees and Prospective Adoptive Parents on 12.12.2018
14.12.2018 Video Conference on 14.12.2018
18.12.2018-19.12.2018 Orientation cum Performance Review Meeting on Adoption, Sponsorship and SAA-CCI linkage
20.12.2018 Orientation Programme on Track Child 2.0
30.11.2018 Meeting of State Advisory Committee to prevent and combat trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation
28.11.18 Orientation programme for Social worker members of JJB
27.11.2018-02.12.2018 Training programme for Counsellors under ICPS
09.10.18 Consultative Workshop on Implementation of SPAHT
04.10.2018 Orientation Programme on TrackCHILD 2.0
31.08.2018 Video Conference on ICPS related issues
11.08.2018 Sensitization programme with district judges and lawyers on adoption related issues
24.05.2018 to 25.05.2018 Orientation cum review meeting on Adoption, sponsorship and SAA-CCI linkage
29.05.2018 Advocacy campaign in Purulia
31.05.2018 Orientation Programme on TrackCHILD 2.0
20.02.2018-21.02.2018 Training of Caregivers of CCI on Minimum Standards of Care
21.02.2018 Orientation training of Police Personnel on JJ Act and rules and POCSO Act, 2012
22.02.2018-23.02.2018 Training of Caregivers of CCI on Minimum Standards of Care
23.02.2018 Meeting in connection with implementation of State Plan of Action for Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Women and Children(SPAHT)
20.12.2017-22.12.2017 Training of Master Trainers in connection with CPC
12.12.2017 Meeting of State Advisory Committee.
09.12.2017 Adoptive Parents meet
06.12.2017-07.12.2017 Training on Minimum Standards of Care for the Caregivers of CCI
06.09.2017 Orientation Training on Quarterly Progress Report
11.09.2017 Orientation Training on TrackCHILD 2.0
11.09.2017 Block level Sensitization on Adoption-Sandeshkhali (I)
12.09.2017 Block level Sensitization on Adoption-Sandeshkhali (II)
13.09.2017-14.09.2017 Training on Minimum Standards of Care for the Caregivers of CCI
15.09.2017 Meeting of State level Inspection Committee
15.09.2017 Meeting on bidding of training proposal on Expression of Interest
21.09.2017 Review meeting on Sponsorship

Contact and Designation details of the officers of DCRT

Sl. No.  Name  Designation 
1 Ms. Richa Misra Director
2 Indu Sekhar Chatterjee Joint Director
3 Jahangir Shaikh Joint Director
4 Goutam Kr. Das Deputy Director
5 Ms. Kamala Saha Deputy Director
6 Nihar Ranjan Samanta Asstt. Director
7 Deb Kumar Bhattachraya Asstt. Director

Contact Us

Directorate of Child Rights & Trafficking

Address : Shaishali 3rd floor, Sector - I , Saltlake , Kolkata

Pin Code : 700064

Phone No : 033-2321-5551

Email Id : scpswb2013@gmail.com