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Govt. of West Bengal

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare

Kanyashree Prakalpa

Kanyashree Prakalpa, launched by the Government of West Bengal on 1st October 2013, is a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Scheme that incentivizes the schooling of all teenage girls between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, simultaneously dis-incentivizing child marriage.

The Scheme is goes much beyond financial enablement - its communication strategy not only builds awareness of the scheme, but includes adolescent-friendly approaches like events, competitions and Kanyashree clubs, and the endorsement of strong women figures as role models to promote social and psychological empowerment.

The scheme is a model of good governance: its convergent operational platform, multi-layered monitoring mechanisms and end-to-end IT enablement promote citizen-centric services, efficient-service delivery, transparency and accountability. It has been nationally and internationally recognized as a good practice.

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28.07.2017 Kanyashree Success Celebrations 2017
27.01.2017 Celebration of Khadyasathi and Police Alankaran Divas
30.12.2016 A video conference was conducted on following agendas on Kanyashree Prakalpa on 30th December,2016 at 4 pm.
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