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Govt. of West Bengal

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare

Convergance of SRCW

Convergance of SRCW

Initiation of women helpline in West Bengal - The Child Development and Women Development & Social Welfare Department has resolved to initiate the women helpline in West Bengal under toll free number 181 which will be active 24 X 7. The helpline intends to facilitate crisis and non-crisis intervention through referral to the appropriate authority/agencies such as police/hospital/ambulance service /DLSA / Protection Officer / OSC. An implementation guideline of Women Helpline was drafted by SRCW, WB

West Bengal Transgender Development Board – Under the instruction of Department,SRCW had taken up the various issues of transgenders through workshops and consultation meets since April 2014. To address these issuesand their development a West Bengal Transgender Development Board was constituted by the Department. All the secretariat support required for formation of this Board and successful running of the Board is being provided by the SRCW.

Residential Job Training of WBJSW Service Officers 2015 at Administrative Training Institute on April, 2015& Hand – holding training of CDPOs and Supervisors on Web based MIS for compilation of MPR’ on September 2015. The trainings of ICDS training programmes of CDWD& SW Department were coordinated by SRCW, WB