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Govt. of West Bengal

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare

Poorna Shakti Kendra (Malda)

Poorna Shakti Kendra

PoornaShakti Kendra (PSK) is a ‘Convergence Model’ which aims to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of the services related to women by undertaking realistic estimate of the demand, bringing greater awareness about the women based schemes and programmes of the Government. It serves as a convergence forum which will facilitate all round development of women in all sectors and spheres on the project area.

In west Bengal the Thematic Focus area of Convergence is “Declining Child Sex Ratio”. In the first phase, PSK is being implemented in 11 Gram Panchayats of Manikchak Block ofMalda District since FY 2013-14. District Administration, Malda has been providing all the support to PSK.

Strategy proposed for implementing thematic pilots –

  1. Addressing the key areas for declining CSR
  2. Sensitisationprogramme on importance of Girl Child & women empowerment for all level officials & PRIs
  3. Awareness generation using suitable media strategies through NGOs/CBOs.
  4. Maintain data base of target group & monitoring the attitudinal change & increase participation in Govt. programmes of target group

To monitor and evaluate the PSK activities, District Convergence Forum (DCF) at District level and Block Convergence Forum (BCF) at block level have been formed.


  1. Induction training of staffs of PSK, Malda - 26 Staffs at Poorna Shakti Kendra at Malda District have been recruited and different trainings were given by SRCW & District Administration.
  2. Training programmes on Women Empowerment for Mahila Pradhan and Upa-Pradhans of Gram Panchayats of Manikchak block were organised. Mahila Pradhan, Up-Pradhans, Sanchalaks of different Upa-Samitys and members of 11 Gram Panchayats of Manikchak Block attended.
  3. TOT on ‘Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights and issues on implementation of Poorna Shakti Kendra’wasorganised for PSK personnel from 28thOct 2014 – 31stOct 2014 at CINI Chetana Training Unit, Pailan.
  4. A three days Refresher training for the PSK personnel was organized by SRCW from 9th June to 11thJune 2015 at District training centre, Malda.
  5. Training programme on GP based plan for women development and record keeping of GP level staff was held in two batches at District Training Centre, Malda
  1. Awareness campaign namely Nari-ki-Chaupal : Twelve Awareness campaigns namely Nari-ki- Chaupal was organized by PSK, Malda throughDomni folk dance.
  2. A Block sensitization cum co-ordination Workshop on Anti Human Trafficking has been organised by ShakthiVahini with brief discussion on Poona Shakthi Kendra, at Manikchak Block Community Hall on 25th July 2014.
  3. Organized a training workshop on Women Empowerment & Legal Awareness for PRI Members at Manikchak Block Community Hall on 17th April 2015.
  4. Organized an Awareness campaign and fair with local self-employed women’s group on 25.05.2015 and 26.05.2015.
  5. Special awareness campaign has been organised by the PSK Co-ordinators at every polling station of 49-Manikchak LAC under Manikchak Dev. Block to improve the gender ratio of Electoral Roll during the month of Sep-Oct-2015 during SRER-2016.
  6. Workshop by Kao Katha NatyaGosthi, Kolkata at 8 different educational institutions regarding prevention of child marriage and child protection has been organised by active participations of PSK Manikchak.
  7. Organise Community awareness programme on prevent socials Evils like Daine system; Utilisation of Iron folic acid and Albandajol to women (PM& NM) & AGs; Promote institutional delivery; Anti-Child Marriage etc.
  8. PSK was organised counselling programme at ManikchakBlock. Total 50 no. of girls rescued from child marriage were participated. Individual counselling was done with 18 no. of girls and group counselling was done by Anwesha Counsellor of H&FW & in collaboration with Child Protection unit. Initiatives have been made to help the girl to remain in the school and support for livelihood opportunity to their parents. 3 girls were supported with vocational training by PSK.

Meeting of DCF & BCF meeting : Meeting of DCF are being held twice a year since inception.The DCF meeting has been chaired by DM and BCF meeting were chaired by BDO, Manikchak.

  1. A base line Survey has been conducted at Manikchak Block comprising of 11 Gram Panchayats to assess the profile and status of service delivery for people with special focus on women.
  2. A Study on household survey on Assessment of Status of Women Manikchak Block, Malda District with officials of PoornaSakti Kendra and Anganwadi Workers was organized by SRCW.
  1. PSK celebrates different days and weeks to make the people aware of different relevant issues. To name a few-Kanyashree Day, National Girl Child Day, World Environment Day, Children’s Day,Breast feeding week, NirmalVidyalayaSaptaha, Nirmal Bangla Saptaha, International Women Day, World AIDs Day etc.
  2. PSK personnel are engaged by District Administration on the issue on Malnourishment Monitoring System using ICT with ASHA worker, ICDS worker & Health workers started on 3rd December 2014.
  1. A ShishuMela has been organized by PSK with different competitions among the children, health check-up camp of children, stall of ICDS and Kanyashree etc. on 03.08.2015.
  2. Stall of PSK for promoting different Government benefits of Women and Child Development & Social Welfare Department have given at :
    • KrishiMela 2016 (7-9 January, 2016)
    • ODF Mela at DakshinChandipur G.P. (30th December, 2015)
    • ODF Mela at Nazirpur GP (10th January, 2016)
    • ODF Mela at Nazirpur GP (15th February, 2016)
    • Uttar BangaUtsab (9-10 January, 2016)
  1. PSK personnel formed Village Level Child Protection Committee at every Sansad of 11 Gram Panchayats of Manikchak Dev. Block. Organizing first meeting of VLCPC at all Sansad& Celebration of Child Protection Week.
  2. Counselling programme of the girls who are rescued from child marriage have been done in collaboration with Child Protection unit & Anwesha Counsellor of H&FW.
  3. Formation of 56 nos. of KishoriSamooh in Manikchak block.
  4. Implementation of Sabala - Kanyashree Convergence Programme at different ICDS centre of Manikchak Dev. Block.
  5. RSBY & MGNREGS (IPPE- Intensive Participatory Planning Exercise) survey done by PSK GP coordinators.
  6. Formation of Kanyashree Club at every high school, Maddrasha, College, Jr. High School, and MSK containing 10 students per institution.