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West Bengal Commission for Women

The West Bengal Commission for Women was established as an autonomous statutory body after the West Bengal Commission for Women Act was passed in the State Assembly and came into force on 29th July, 1992. The Commissionstarted functioning from 3'd February,1993.

The Women's Commissionis reconstituted every three years.The Commissionshall consist of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairpersonto be nominated by the State Government, nine Members to be appointed by the State Government, of whom at least one shall be a member of the Scheduled Caste and one shall be member of a Scheduled Tribe and an officer of the State Government who shall be the Member-Secretary.

Organogram of Commission for Women

Key Personnel

Sl No. Name Designation Address Contact Profession Educational qualifcation
1. Ms. Leena Gangopadhyay Chairperson 2/1D//2,Ghore Bibi Lane ,Phool Bagan, Kolkata-700054 033-2321-5895 Director of Magic Moments Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd M.A.
2. Ms. Mausam Noor, Ex-MP, Lok Sabha, D-O-J(7/6/19)** Vice Chairperson 5,Beck Bagan Row 2nd Floor,(Opp. Wal Masjid),[Above Marble Palace Guest House],Kolkata-7000117 Ex-member of Indian Parliament,Lok Sabha & Politician Graduate Professional in Indian LAW
3. Sri N.W. Bhutia, lAS. Member-Secretary Jalasampad Bhavanno 10th Floor), OF-Block,Sector-I Salt LakeCity, Kolkata-700091. 033-2321-5895 Member-Secretary of West Bengal Commission for Women -
4. Ms. Archana Ghosh Sarkar Member 8/1 Pandit laxmikanta maitra Road, Kayakalpa Sadan Nursing Home , P.O. Krishnagar, Dist. Nadia, Pin-741101 9434245225/ 8918076132 Retired Head Teacher & Chairperson,Dist.Primary School Council,Nadia Double M.A. (Bengali/Sanskrit),BT,National Awardee
5. Ms. Arpita Ghosh Sarkar Member 10,Kshudiram Bose Road,Nabagram,Dist.Hooghly,Pin-712246 Social Worker H.S.
6. Dr. Uma Soren, Ex-MP Member Uttar Bamda,P.O. P.S. Jhargram,Dist.Jhargram,Pin-721507 Ex-MP,Lok Sabha Doctor
7. Ms. Sunita Saha Member 6A,Sukur Sarkar Lane Park Street, Kolkata-700016 (033)2249-9696 Social Worker B.A
8. Ms. Jayeeta Sinha, Lawyer Member 57/3 , Ballygunge Circular Road Kolkata-700019 - Advocate L.L.B
9. Prof Maria Fernandes Member Ekta Oleander 16, Radhanath Choudhury Road Block-3, Flat-3C,Kolkata-700015 19/2, Banmali Naskar Road Behala, Kolkata-700060. 033) 6522-0820 Educationist M.A. (History) M.A (Pol Sc.) M. Phil (History)
10. Ms. Aparajita Addhya Member 188/4 Raja Rammohan Roy Road , kolklata-700008 (Near Chowrasta , Panchanantala, Beside Jogorani Club - Freelancer H.S
11. Srovonti Bandopadhyay Member 17/B Rammay Road Lansdowne, Padmapukur, Kolkata-700025 - Editor of Karigar Publishing House M.A ( History), J.U
12 Dr. Mrs.Dipanwita Hazari, MBBS* Member 6, Jatindra Mohaon Avenue, Kolkata-700006 (033)2533-1532 Physician MBBS DMCW

Officer on SpecialDuty : 033-2334-0036

P.A.to Chairperson : 033-2359-5609

P.A.to Member-Secretary: 033-2334-5324

Office FAX : 033-2334-5324

Pre-litigation Counsellingand ComplaintsCell(PLCC) : 033-2321-0154

LibrarySection : 033-2359-5609(Extn.217)


The Commissionis a monitoring and recommendatory body.

(i) The Commissionperforms all or any of the following functions :-

  1. Investigate and examine all matters relating to the safeguardsprovided for women under the Constitution of India and other laws, and recommend steps to be taken by the State Government for effective implementation of suchsafeguards;
  2. Reviewthe existing provisions of the Constitution and other laws affecting women and recommend amendments thereto so as to suggest remedial legislative measuresto meet any lacunae,inadequaciesor shortcomings in such legislation;
  3. Take up casesof violation of the provisions of the Constitution and of other laws relating to women in the State with the appropriate authorities;
  4. Lookinto complaints and take suo motu notice of matters relating toDeprivation of women's rights;
    Non-implementation of laws enactedto provide protection to women; Non-compliancewith policy decisions,guidelines or instructions aimed at mitigating
    hardshipsand ensuring welfare of and providing relief to women; and Take up issuesarising out of such matters with appropriate authorities;
  5. Call for special studies or investigations into specific problems or situations arising out of discrimination and atrocities againstwomen and identify the constraints so as to recommend strategies for their removal;
  6. Evaluatethe progressof advancementof women in the State;
  7. Visit a jail, destitute girls' home, women's institution or any other place of custody where women are kept as prisoners or otherwise and take up with the concerned authorities such matters for remedial action asmay be necessary;
  8. Any other matter which may be referred to it by the State Government

(ii) The State Government mayconsult the Commissionon policy matters affecting women.

(iii) The Commission shall, while investigating any matter referred to in clauses (a) and (d) of sub-section (1), have all the powers of a civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, while trying a suit, and, in particular, in respect of the following matters :-

  1. Summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person from any part of India and examining him on oath;
  2. Requiring the discovery and production of any document;
  3. Receiving evidence on affidavits;
  4. Any other matter which may be prescribed.

(iv.a) The Commission shall present to the State Government every six months and at such other times as the Commission may deem fit reports of its activities together with its recommendations and the State Government shall cause them to be laid before the State Legislature as soon as possible along with a memorandum explaining the action taken or proposed to be taken on the recommendations and the reasons for nonacceptance, if any, of any of such recommendations.

(iv.b) It shall be the duty of the Commission to furnish comments and recommendations on any report of the National Commission for Women on any matter with which the State Government is concerned as that Government may call for.

Any other relevant information

Pre-litigation Counselling and Complaint Cell (PLCC) :

The PLCCstarted as a project of the West Bengal Commission for Women from January 1999 with two trained Counsellors and one Clerk-cum-Typist. It acts as an umbrella for the oppressed and harassed women. Applications/complaints are received from various corners of the state. Applications can be submitted in person or by post and even bye-mail. But for the sake of computerization of the ;LCC data, a standard format has been prescribed which may also be downloaded from: www.wbcw.in.

The applications are first categorized and action taken accordingly.

For family dispute/conjugal problem, Domestic violence, both parties are summoned and amicable settlement is explored through counselling. For successful cases Paribarik Mahila Lok Adalats are organized periodically in collaboration with the SLSA, WB. If settlement is not possible, the complainant is advised to take legal steps. If required, Legal Aid Authority is requested to extend full cooperation.

For sub-judice cases legal counselling is provided through lawyers.

For rape/murder/dowry torture/trafficking/unnatural death cases the matters are immediately referred to the concerned Police Authority/CID for taking necessary action and report.

For cases under sexual harassment at workplace the matter is referred to the concerned administrative authority to submit report as per 'Visakha guidelines'.

Appropriate actions are also taken for 'cyber crime victims' and 'economical crime victims'.

Cases of 'senior citizens are referred to the concerned Sub-divisional Officers for taking action under Senior Citizen Protection Act, 2007.

For inter state cases help of the concerned State Women's Commission/National a Commission for Women is sought for.

For victim women whose husbands are staying abroad, necessary counselling are provided and if required, appropriate authority is contacted.

The Commission's Library

The Commission's library established in November, 1998 holds a considerable number of books on law, empowerment, health and education of women and children. Several important reports published by different State Women's Commission, National Commission for Women, publications brought out by government departments and non-government organizations and Women's Studies Research Centres of different universities and by international organizations like UNICEF and WHO are included in the holdings of this library. 'Narikantha', the newsletter brought out by the Commission periodically and other publications of the Commission are also available in the Library. Besides, different journals, pamphlets and posters on women's issues are a special attraction of this library. List of books published by this Commission is available in Commission's website: www.wbcw.in.

library Facilities

Library remains open for readers from Monday to Friday from 12.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. Permission is given to readers to use the library without any charge on the basis of written application. Xerox facility, documentation, reference services and news-clippings on women's issuesare available.

Our Events

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22.04.2017 Paribarik Mahila Lok Adalat (PMLA)
11.03.2017 Observance of the International Women's Day
31.01.2017 Coordination Meeting with Police Authorities, i.e., WBP, CID& KP
21.01.2017 Seminar on PCPNDT Act
26.10.2016 A Report on Observance of International Fortnight Organized by West Bengal Commission for Women-1

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