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Govt. of West Bengal

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About West Bengal Trangender Persons Development Board

Transgender Community is often subjected to social neglect, stigma, atrocities and marginalisation. Although constitutionally every person irrespective of sex is entitled to the right to equality and liberty, yet the transgender community is seldom treated equally due to non-conformation of their gender concept with the majority. In April-2014, Honourable Supreme Court of India delivered a landmark judgment granting the Transgender Community the right to be identified as Third Gender and the National and State Governments were instructed to take proper actions for mainstreaming and development of the Community. In this backdrop, the State Government had constituted West Bengal Transgender Development Board and adopted West Bengal Transgender Development Board Regulation, 2015 Vide Notification No. 1726-SW/4S-54/MOS/WCDSW/14 dated 17.04.2015. Now, the State Government has reconstituted the Board by the name West Bengal Transgender Persons Development Board (WBTGPDB) and adopted West Bengal Transgender Persons Development Board Regulation,2020 vide Notification No. 1053-Estt.42/18 TGDB (Pt-1) dated 26.02.2020. It extends to the whole of the State of West Bengal.


The newly constituted Board comprising 7 Ex-Officio Members and 11 Non- Official Members operates from its own office at Shubhanna(7 th Floor) DF Block, Sector-I, Salt Lake City,Kolkata-700091.

The members of the Board currently are:

Sl No. Name Designation Email address
1. Dr. Shashi Panja, HMIC HMIC, WCD &SW Deptt. and Chairperson, WBTGPDB
2. Smt. Sanghamitra Ghosh Secretary, WCD &SW Deptt. and Member, WBTGPDB
3. Dr. Manabi Bandopadhyay Vice-Chairperson,WBTGPDB drmanabibandyopadhyay@gmail.com
4. Shri Randhir Kumar Addl. Secretary, WCD & SW Deptt. and Member, WBTGPDB randhir.ias@gmail.com
5. Smt. Madhumita Sinha Roy Director of Social Welfare and Member, WBTGPDB misdsw@rediffmail.com
6. Smt. Nilanjana Dasgupta Director of Child Rights & Trafficking and Member, WBTGPDB scwd.wb@gmail.com
7. Shri Bipul Kumar Biswas Member-Secretary, WBTGPDB wbtgdb@gmail.com
8. Shri Siddhartha Chowdhury Sr. Law Officer , WCD & SW Deptt. and Member, WBTGPDB srlaw.wbmdfc@gmail.com
9. Dr. Lopamudra Sengupta Member, WBTGPDB lopa_sg@yahoo.co.in
10. Dr. Natasa Dasgupta Member, WBTGPDB ndglbc@gmail.com
11. Dr. Piyali Sur Member, WBTGPDB piyali.sur@gmail.com
12. Shree Ghatak Member, WBTGPDB missshreeghatak@gmail.com
13. Abhijit Chatterjee Member, WBTGPDB geoabhijit1@gmail.com
14. Kaunish Dey Sarkar Member, WBTGPDB kaunish06@gmail.com
15. Sonamoni Sk Member, WBTGPDB sonamonisk09@gmail.com
16. Suchetra Dey (HiranmoyDey) Member, WBTGPDB donaldde.goodmind@gmail.com
17. Krishnendu Hazra Member, WBTGPDB nightprince840@gmail.com
18. Kolika Mitra Member, WBTGPDB kolika.mitra@gmail.com

A State Coordination Committee (SCC) of West Bengal Transgender Persons Development Board coordinates the activities of WBTGPDB with different Departments of the Government for the betterment of the Transgender Community.

    The member Departments of the State Coordination Committee are:-

  1. Minister-in-Charge of the WCD & SW Department – Chairperson.
  2. Secretary, Department of WCD & SW Department- Executive Vice-Chairperson.
  3. Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare – Member.
  4. Secretary, Department of School Education – Member.
  5. Secretary, Department of Backward Classes Welfare – Member.
  6. Secretary, Department of Technical Education, Training& Skill Development- Member.
  7. Secretary, Department of Law – Member.
  8. Secretary, Judicial Department- Member.
  9. Secretary, Department of Correctional Administration- Member.
  10. Secretary, Department of Higher Education- Member.
  11. Secretary, Department of Science and Technology and Biotechnology- Member.
  12. Secretary, Department of Labour- Member.
  13. Secretary, Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise and Textiles- Member.
  14. Secretary, Department of Minorities Affairs and Madrasah Education- Member.
  15. Secretary, Department of Panchayat and Rural Development- Member.
  16. Secretary, Department of Self Help Group and Self Employment- Member.
  17. Secretary, Department of Transport- Member.
  18. Secretary, Department of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs- Member.
  19. Secretary, Department of Youth services and Sports- Member.
  20. Secretary, Department of Information & Cultural Affairs- Member.
  21. Secretary & CEO, West Bengal Human Rights Commission- Member.
  22. Commissioner of Police, Kolkata Police - Member
  23. DIG, CID, West Bengal Police – Member
  24. Director of Social Welfare- Member.
  25. Director of Child Rights & Trafficking- Member.
  26. Member Secretary, West Bengal State Legal Services Authority- Member.
  27. Chairperson, West Bengal SCPCR- Member.
  28. An Officer of Department of WCD & SW not below the rank of Joint Secretary who is in charge of WBTGPDB- Member.
  29. Member-Secretary, WBTGPDB- Member-Convenor.
  30. Law Officer of the Department of WCD & SW- Member.
  31. All the Non Official members of WBTGPDB– Member (11 Members.)


Deputy Director (establishment), West Bengal Transgender Persons Development Board is here by designated as Complaint Officer for the Office of the WBTGPDB as per the Rule 12 of The West Bengal Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Rules, 2022

West Bengal Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Rules, 2022

West Bengal Trangender Persons Rules,2022

West Bengal Transgender Persons Development Board Regulation, 2020

Notification of the State Coordination Committee of the Board

West Bengal Transgender Persons Development Board Notification, 2020

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Rules, 2020

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West Bengal Transgender Persons Development Board

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